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Mission : POD

The story

Can you help save the earth from the impending alien invasion? NERD, an extra terrestrial, has been living among us for hundreds of years after crash landing on earth in his spacecraft.

With his ship now fixed, he is ready to harness the energy of Stonehenge to power up his Portal Opening Device. But the portal will allow his fellow aliens to destroy earth. You must infiltrate the ship and power down the POD before NERD returns. You are earth’s only hope.

2 to 6 Players
Level : Normal
  • Our experience

  • Aliens in a living room

    We Won

    We Played on: 07-07-2020
    We did it in 38 minutes out of 60
    The team:
    Snow, Heiner, Ryan, Melani, Tanja

    Global note: 8/10

    Other criteria:

    Our opinion:

    By Snow & Saol

    POD is an amazing room. 

    We played it in visio, each one at home, connected by a zoom provided by the sign. In addition to this, there is a website that serves as an inventory and we receive a small video to explain the story.

    The story is quite fun.  An alien :NERD landed on earth a few centuries ago following a space shuttle accident. He waited all that time before he was able to reopen a portal back home... But maybe this isn't the best idea and we could lose Earth in the process.

    We like the approach, even if the story gets a little lost along the way.

    Agent Pitcher (our agent on the spot), alias humanly known as Charles, will do everything he can to help us. He'll take over the ship and start by showing us around. At the beginning we stay a little bit what, because we discover a lot of things but we can't combine them, then we move forward in a very fluid way. The riddles give us codes or we manage to activate mechanisms and discover things we didn't really expect.

    We will finish after 38 minutes without being stuck. The game is pleasant and fluid. At one point there are a lot of padlocks, but it's easy to identify which ones to open and it's not annoying in this format because the padlocks work pretty well in video. For the mechanisms we appreciate the care taken in positioning the camera so that we can see what's going on.

    To sum up

    In this room with its original history, the riddles follow one another in a fluid and pleasant way. They are original and quite well integrated in the decor and quite coherent with the story. You should also know that this room was soon to open in the sign, but COVID doing, the manager decided to install it in his dining room and to offer it in visio, for our greatest pleasure.


    + We enjoyed +

    • To see what we can do in his dining room.
    • A very fluid dynamic
    • Original and beautiful mechanisms
    • The high quiality of the pictures image and the video 

    - We didn't like -

    • Lack of atmosphere
    • A story that doesn't come back at the end...
    • Not seeing everything. A 360-degree picture of the room in the inventory would have been handy.

    For who?

    • Pour les fans de science fiction
    • Pour les amoureux d'énigmes diverses

    Why play it?

    • Pour voir ce qu'on peut faire chez soi
    • Parce que c'est une aventure sympa


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